2010-10-28 09:26:08 阿炯

Vaadin 是一个RIA的基于浏览器的富客户端的Web框架。与 JavaScript 库或者是基于浏览器插件的解决方案不同,Vaadin 包含一个服务器端的结构,主要的应用逻辑都在服务器端运行,浏览器通过 Ajax 技术跟服务器端进行交互。Vaadin 提供多种各样的UI组件,例如按钮、表格、树形列表等等,每个组件都具有事件、侦听器、数据绑定和业务逻辑等功能。

* Create Rich Internet Applications fast - With Vaadin, you create web applications in minutes. A few lines of Java code and Vaadin takes care of the rest. No complex configurations, no JavaScript.
* Code on the server side - With Vaadin, you run your applications on a server, with the full power and flexibility of Java.
* Wide browser support - Built on GWT-based widgets, Vaadin applications support all Ajax-capable browsers, with no plugins.
* Stunning Web Applications - The look and feel makes a difference. Vaadin comes with great-looking components and easy use of themes.
* Secure Applications - The server-side architecture ensures that your application code is hidden from the world.
* Maintainable Applications - Pure Java gives you the power to build applications that can be easily extended and maintained.




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